OIATA Mehed 2021 Kevadel Uued Vabaaja Puuvillane Fliis Soe Kampsun Pulloverid, Kampsunid, Meeste Talvel Tikand Mood Paksud Kampsunid Mantel


Uus toode

€30.79 €13.86

  • Materjal: Puuvill
  • Kapuutsiga: No
  • Stiil: Inglismaa Stiil
  • Villa: Standard Villa
  • Sugu: MEHED
  • Sulgemise Tüüp: PUUDUB
  • Toote Tüüp: Pulloverid
  • Muster Tüüp: Hiina elemendid
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Technics: Arvuti Silmkoelised
  • Krae: O-Kaelus
  • Teenetemärgi: Tikandid
  • Mudeli Number: 3522
  • Varruka Stiil: Regulaarne
  • Paksus: Fliis
  • Varruka Pikkus(cm): Täielik

Märksõnad: vaadata mantlid, villane lõng, er kampsunid, kasmhere meeste kampsun, meeste kampsun, tangest meeste mantel, meeste kampsun, cycl jersey, kampsun, pullover ni.


Donina Viola
When I first purchased, I Doubted about the quality of the product. At such a low price, the quality might not be good. I was so pleasantly surprised when I received the product. I bought 3 different colors together. Really perfect. Buying such products in the supermarket costs more than three times the price. The sweater is very thick and the sleeves have thick Fleece. Keeps warm, so don’t need to worry about the cold winter. The size is Chinese size, about 2 standards smaller than European size, comfortable and beautiful, recommended to buy!
Lavenia Cutez
I really like this sweater, inside, including sleeves, thick down, it is very warm. Thank you seller for help WhatsApp in choosing the correct size, 175 cm 70 kg, suitable XL, and the Chinese size is small. Sweater is very good quality, suitable for cold winter and spring. I recommend to buy!!

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